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Comm-Link:17435 - Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.1

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.1
ID 17435
Publication 10.02.2020
Channel Transmission
Category General
Series Release Info
RSI Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.1
API Metadaten

Star Citizen Patch 3.8.1 Alpha Patch 3.8.1 has been released to LIVE! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.8.1-LIVE.4451215.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE.

Database Persistence Wipe: NO

UPDATE – 4451215 – 02/11/2020


Fixed a server crash.

Known Issues

If multiple players logout of 890 beds and log in at the same time it may spawn one player in a bad state.

AI ships do not recover from EMP disables.

Sometimes repair services are unavailable when they should be present.

After a ship is repaired, detachable components will remain attached to the ship when destroyed and a duplicate component will fall off.

Repair fails if you select repair and refuel simultaneously.

Work-Around: Select services individually.

Once an Animus spare magazine has been emptied the player can no longer equip fresh magazines in the same slot.

Ships can be displayed as “unknown” after destruction, be available for spawn, but not appear on their specified hangar.

Entering or exiting via EVA can sometimes cause the player to turn/spin suddenly and harm themselves.

Objects can fall through the floor when dropped.

An extra static train can appear at Lorville and prevent the use of trains. The visuals of the ships on the rental screen may have missing areas or disappear completely. The Caterpillar will occasionally rock or tip over on itself after landing on a planetary body. CryAstro services may not work at various stations and major ports. Work-around: Hover before landing and request services just above the pad. Rentals and/or rental timers may not work when renting a second ship. If a player’s ship is destroyed after bed logout they will return to the server at origin. NPCs may sometimes be doing usable animations in places that they shouldn’t. Countermeasures are not working as intended to deter missiles. The 890 Jump does not have the correct cargo capacity. The Combine Cannon and distortion weapons are not working as intended. Elevators at Port Tressler and Everus Harbor may not show up when called. If the quantum travel marker is at the edge of a moon or planet its possible to QT through the moon and explode.. Purchased commodities will often visually not appear in the ship’s hold. Players may experience stalls in performance shortly after loading into Star Marine and firing weapons. NPC beacon notifications will sometimes display an incorrect distance. AI ships can often get stuck in the middle of their motion and not advance further. AR makers for enemies can sometimes be seen through walls in Star Marine. New Features Gameplay Gameplay Added a separate hostility activation under accidental fire threshold for party members. Added wait and instruction objective and timer to patrol mission starts. Added a checkbox in game options to disable film grain graphical effect. Added target nearest friendly functionality and keybind. Camera shake is now a slider option in the options menu. Added auto zooming on selected target (default off). A subtle zoom on the target when the weapon prediction points, the aiming point, and the look direction align. Can be enabled and disabled as well as max zoom value adjusted in the game settings. Added basic “MedBed” gameplay functionality. Medical beds can now be used for healing and respawn after death. Initial game login is still set by the menu selection, if it’s the first login, or by the last ATC landing at a major station. After initial login, players can manually set their respawn to a medical bed by entering the bed and selecting the “Set as preferred ICU” interaction. Medical bed spawning can also be cleared in the same way by selecting “Clear as preferred ICU”. Upon death, the player will respawn at the desired medical bed if they died less than 4 million meters away. Currently this functionality is only available on ships with medical beds (just the 890 and the Cutlass Red for this build) and will only work if the ship is available (not despawned or destroyed). If the ship is not available, players will instead respawn at their default location until they have manually set another medical bed. Additionally, if the player is injured they can use a medical bed to heal by selecting the “Treat Injuries” interaction, which is only visible when the player has treatable wounds. Ships and Vehicles New Ship Available: Drake Cutlass Red Added an entrance light ring to indicate where a player should stand to get the entrance interaction on the Mole. Added weapon report audio for ship weapons in atmosphere. There is now a cooldown on player bounties of the same player. Rented ships in the persistent universe can no longer be modified. Feature Updates Locations Added footsteps on wood sound effects at appropriate locations in Area18. Gameplay Removed aim action from gamepad due to look ahead mode conflicts and to unify setup with default joystick. Security patrol quantum travel interdiction will no longer occur for lawful players but will still occur for players in normal transit. Toned down some lens flare effects Ships and Vehicles Updated mass on the Breton powerplant. Adjusted the position of the bed exit and logout interaction in the Aurora. Synced the light states of the Caterpillar do the exterior door switches. Improved audio feedback on ship weapon impacts. Rebalancing of the volume levels of shield and hull impacts, and adding audible vibration/duress sounds on heavy hits. Tweaks to improve the way ship ambient audio changes with the power state of the ship. Tweaks to improve the audio mix and audio behaviour during quantum travel. Added a new door on the side of the mole to fix problem with sideways opening clipping in to the visible exterior of the ship. Updated surface VFX for the Pisces. Reworked/updated the Drake Cutlass thruster audio. Improved audibility of ship component overheat cockpit warning. Updated nose collision on the Caterpillar to allow damage to the main/front door. Bug Fixes Players should no longer be able to fall out of the Argo Mole during quantum travel. The mining storage containers beneath the Argo Mole should now have collision. Fixed incorrect animation playing when the female character sprints with a pistol. Melee when using the Animus should now correctly deal damage. Fixed an issue preventing players from getting their intended starting UEC value. Fixed an issue where after a player has rented one ship additional attempts at renting would time out and fail. Fixed an issue where the player would appear offset when entering the Herald’s bed. Cargo holds when mining should no longer randomly fluctuate to full or empty their contents occasionally. Players should no longer fall through the planetary surface near landing areas of HDMS Lathan. Shield HUD warnings should now only display when taking damage rather than on startup. PIPs should no longer be affected by head movement. Fixed an issue causing players to get locked in third person camera when using any turret in the Starfarer. Patrol missions should no longer occasionally hang when given a “hold” command. It should no longer be possible for extraction/fracture UI to be switched when mining. The “Call to Arms” mission should no longer be able to be duplicated on the mobiGlas. FPS AI kill sweep missions should now track kills and completely properly. Turret interaction prompts on the Caterpillar should no longer be inverted. Ship outgoing hails should now have UI audio. FPS weapons should now consistently fire when drawn. The Starfarer Gemini should once again have its missile racks. The “Call to Arms” mission should now appear to all players who meet the requirements. Fixed an issue where the Quantum Drive spooling up would sometimes not be heard, particularly on large ships. Fixed the objective timer not ending in during escort missions. The timer for rented ships in the PU should now be consistently displayed on the terminal. Fixed too far away arrival point for quantum travel to New Babbage and Lorville. Regular clothing sounds should no longer be audible while wearing a spacesuit. The player should no longer occasionally lose the ability to quantum travel to another orbital marker after traveling to one initially. Weapons on the PMA and kiosks should no longer appear heavily out of scale. There should no longer be a fine kiosk at Baijini point that lacks any texturing. Fixed power MFDs displaying the wrong values. Patrol missions should no longer start spawning repeated hostiles when the number of players involved changes. Fixed an issue where the delivery location marker for a Recco delivery was not located on the locker. Recco invite missions should no longer cause multiple markers. The chem run mission issued by Klim should now direct to Grim HEX instead of Levski. The comms MFD should no longer fail to automatically refresh when coming into a new ATC’s range. Player arms should no longer flail about when getting on and off of the passenger seat of the Dragonfly. Fixed an issue where ships could be stored at outposts that can’t spawn them. Fixed missing rain canopy effects on the Mole. Increased the time available to pickup deliveries for associated missions. Fixed an issue where party chat would refresh every time a player was added or and removed. Fixed overlapping rock scan data on the Mole’s turrets. Fixed Eckhart’s group bounty mission having the QT marker remain after the target is killed. Fixed an issue where selecting an item you could not afford would cause others to be impossible to buy. The server blade in Clovus’ mission should no longer fall through the planet when placed on the ground. Fixed missing audio on the mining arm extension and retraction. Players should no longer occasionally lose all UEC upon relogging. Fixed bugged damage states and shields on the Caterpillar causing it to take no damage. Fixed some rest stops missing CryAstro services. Players should no longer occasionally become unresponsive when transition between EVA and ship or vice versa. Fixed missing audio on Cutlass Landing Gear. Fixed an issue where when attempting to QT, if the player triggered the misalignment warning and then realigned the cursor, the warning alarm would continue to play. Fixed a missing ship computer UI audio trigger for ‘Ammo Low’. Fixed missing diegetic music at Casaba outlets in Rest Stops. Audio-driven camera shake should function again. Fixed mobiGlas closing immediately after opening. Party markers should no longer vanish if the player dies far from their respawn point. The game wallet should no longer occasionally freeze and fail to update for an extended period of time, allowing players to set very large UEC service beacons. Escort missions should now proceed correctly. Fix for a bug where other player’s footstep sounds would never be triggered if the other player was not in your field of view. Fixed constant fire audio SFX in the left cockpit of the BANU Defender. Fixed missing audio for BANU Defender internal doors and entry ramp. Fixed incorrect/missing audio for Aegis Vanguard rear ramp. Fixed a bug where the Gladius’ startup and shutdown audio was very delayed. Fixed a bug where the Gladius startup sound would play for shutdown, and vice versa. Star Marine music will no longer completely cut out when the menu is brought up mid-game. Fixed missing self destruct sound for URSA Rover Fixed missing locker open and close sound on URSA Rover Fixed missing vibration sounds for collisions and landings on the Tumbril Cyclone and the GRIN PTV. Fixed an issue where the Origin 890 Jump ambient audio did not receive ship parameters so was always muffled regardless of the ship’s activity level. The non-medical beds in the 890 should now have logout functionality. Fixed an issue where recovery would trigger despite the player pressing “]” to decline. Speculative fix for an issue where the audio engine could get into a state where the player would experience severe audio loss. Fixed an issue where the Glaive and Scythe startup audio could get stuck looping forever. Back to top

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