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Comm-Link:14928 - Star Citizen Alpha 1.2

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Star Citizen Alpha 1.2
ID 14928
Publication 30.08.2015
Channel Transmission
Category General
Series Release Info
RSI Star Citizen Alpha 1.2
API Metadaten

Star Citizen Patch 1.2 Star Citizen Patch 1.2 and the Social Module have been released to live! This patch provides access to our first multiplayer planet side environment, ArcCorp’s Area18 landing zone, with all the scenic vistas our team has been hard at work on. This will also include our first iteration of our augmented reality system, emotes and chat system.

Contents: Hangar Additions



Arena Commander Fixes

Social Module Additions

Hangar Module Additions:


The main elevator is now active for all pilot hangars and will allow access to our multiplayer ArcCorp module. For Selfland, Revel & York, and Aeroview Hangars, you can find the elevator through the double-doors directly behind your character when spawning into the central bay. Once inside, the elevator to ArcCorp is located on your right.

For VFG Industrial Hangar, you can find the double-doors underneath the platform where your character spawns, across from any ship you currently have in the central bay. Once you’ve passed through the double doors, the elevator to ArcCorp is located on your right.

During this testing phase of the social module and ArcCorp, characters will now appear in one of six random gear loadouts when they spawn into the Hangar. You can only swap between the six loadouts in the Hangar, via the “F6” key. The available loadouts are Marine Light, Medium, Heavy and Outlaw Light, Medium, Heavy.

Whatever loadout a character is wearing when they travel to ArcCorp will be retained for the rest of that play session.

User Interface The screenshot keybind has been moved to “Print Screen”. “F12” is now the toggle for the chat interface.



Transition animations for moving between standing, crouch and idle have received some minor improvement for a smoother and more realistic experience.

Jump animations have received some minor improvements for a smoother experience.



Fixed a collision issue with the Origin M50 Interceptor that allowed players to see into the ships cockpit from the outside and potentially become stuck. Fixed an issue with the Vanduul Glaive, where the hands of the pilot would not always connect properly with the ship handles and interior components when entering or exiting the ship. Fixed an issue with the beds in the Cutlass Black, where your character would teleport outside of the ship when trying to lay down in the starboard bed. Environment A number of collision issues that were allowing characters to clip out of the Revel & York hangar have been resolved. A number of collision issues that were allowing characters to clip out of the VFG Industrial Hangar have been resolved. User Interface Fixed an issue where graphics in the game options menu would occasionally overlap with each other. Arena Commander Module: Fixes: Gameplay Fixed an issue in Arena Commander where hosts were not always being removed from the Lobby when they left the match. Fixed an issue in Arena Commander where the host of a game would sometimes not be able to cancel their search due to matchmaking crashing. Fixed an issue in Arena Commander where players could be put into a broken lobby if the matchmaking service crashed while they were in a game. The HUD colors on the Avenger, Gladiator, Hornet (all variants) and Cutlass (all variants) have been updated to be consistent. Fixed an issue where the countermeasure interface on the Mustang HUD (all variants) would overlap with other UI elements. Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Glaive designated “Tank” at the end of Tutorial Chapter 6 would sometimes become immortal. Social Module Additions: Gameplay Our first multiplayer planet side environment, the ArcCorp Area 18 Landing Zone, is now available for testing. The first areas available to explore in ArcCorp include: ArcCorp Customs area. Medical Bay. JobWell, sponsored by the Trade and Development Division of ArcCorp. G~Loc Bar. Astro-Armada. Dumper’s Depot. Cubby Blast. Some areas of ArcCorp are not yet available during this initial launch. Some of those intentionally off-limits include: The Casaba Outlet. The Medical Bay Emergency Room. The ArcCorp landing pad. The elevator to the second floor of Astro-Armada. The firing range at Cubby Blast. You can return to your Hangar when you’re done exploring ArcCorp, via the transport elevator in ArcCorp customs that you originally arrived in. You can also leave via the “Return to Hangar” button in the game menu. Our first set of fully animated emotes are now available for players to use in ArcCorp and the Hangar. Emotes can be used in the chat UI by typing “/” followed by the emote. Some emotes also have multiple variations, which you can use by adding a number at the end of the emote command. Example: /cheer4 The full list of available emotes and their variations can be viewed in the chat interface, via the “?” button. Augmented Reality is now available for players to test in ArcCorp. You can access this new functionality via the “F2” key. In this initial release, Augmented Reality will allow you to see character name plates as well as information on shop items in ArcCorp. Our chat interface has launched and is now available for players to use in both ArcCorp and the Hangar. You can bring up the chat interface via “F12”. Players can now chat in our first channel (designated Local at the moment). The chat channels are phased by instance. Each individual Hangar, ArcCorp Instance and Arena Commander Instance have their own chat channel. The Left Alt key + “G” allows you to orbit your camera, so you can view your character from multiple angles which is shared between the multiplayer ArcCorp and single player Hangar. Known Issues: Gameplay Character collision will sometimes disable within ArcCorp, particularly in and around customs. Character animations will sometimes desync between clients. Ships Characters will appear hanging outside of the bottom of the Gladiator if they enter the ship and sit down in the pilots seat, or if they die and respawn. When respawning in the Gladiator, the player will spawn inside the body of the ship. The Drake Cutlass is taking too long to refuel boost after expending it. Character The “Heavy Outlaw” load out currently has a hole between the neck and chest armor. User Interface The chat interface cannot be resized at this time. Social Module elevator UI will incorrectly display “Connection Failed” instead of a “Server Full” message. Augmented Reality text will sometimes not display other characters names. Technical Clients can sometimes get stuck on a loading screen if they are connected to a instance that no longer exists. Back to top

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