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Comm-Link:13592 - Star Citizen Patch 11.1

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Star Citizen Patch 11.1
ID 13592
Publication 25.02.2014
Channel Transmission
Category General
Series Release Info
RSI Star Citizen Patch 11.1
API Metadaten

BUG FIXES BUG FIX – Disabled Cutlass tractor beam until the hatch clipping issue can be solved LAUNCHER UPDATES UPDATE – Internal updates for development UPDATE – Icon added for peer to peer support but currently disabled KNOWN OCULUS RIFT ISSUES: KNOWN ISSUE – To enable Oculus Rift mode create a file named ‘user.cfg’ in your ‘StarCitizen/CitizenClient’ folder and add the lines ‘sys_currentHMDtype=1’ and ‘r_stereostrength=-8’ KNOWN ISSUE – You may be able to get a better picture by setting the resolution to the native Oculus Rift resolution (1280×800) KNOWN ISSUE – When in game, your look direction is independent from your travel direction. The player’s body can be turned using the mouse to adjust the player’s movement direction. KNOWN ISSUE – There are some camera pops and camera direction changes when entering vehicles and during other animation-driven movements. KNOWN ISSUE – During some player animations the camera may stop being updated by the Rift. KNOWN ISSUE – There is some stereo separation when looking at objects close to the player, eg. ship controls when in cockpits. KNOWN ISSUE – There can be some render skewing/warping when viewing the game at extreme angles. KNOWN ISSUE – Rift head tracking only functions in 1st person mode. KNOWN ISSUE – Some animations can cause the Rift view to become offset from the player’s body. KNOWN ISSUE – UI elements such at the “Use” icon are doubled.

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