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Comm-Link:13444 - Star Citizen Patch 10

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Star Citizen Patch 10
ID 13444
Publication 19.12.2013
Channel Transmission
Category General
Series Release Info
RSI Star Citizen Patch 10
API Metadaten

NEW FEATURES NEW FEATURE – Updated Avenger NEW FEATURE – Added Holiday Wreath NEW FEATURE – Added Firing Range NEW FEATURE – Cutlass NEW FEATURE – New fishtank decorations Cleaner Fish School of Jellyfish Cute Space Crab Ribbon Fish NEW FEATURE – Footlocker KNOWN ISSUES KNOWN ISSUE – Firing Range has limited selection of weapons KNOWN ISSUE – Weapon impact decals missing from firing range KNOWN ISSUE – Jump graphic is offset KNOWN ISSUE – Avenger and Cutlass must be entered through the rear KNOWN ISSUE – P52 missing from Constellation hangar BUG FIXES BUG FIX – Missing DLL in some versions of Windows Vista BUG FIX – Various improvements to collision physics BUG FIX – Cockpit in 325a has been fixed BUG FIX – Lighting in the Hangar and ships has been improved

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