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Comm-Link:18312 - October 2021 Subscriber Promotions

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October 2021 Subscriber Promotions
ID 18312
Publication 05.10.2021
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Series Subscriber Promotions
RSI October 2021 Subscriber Promotions
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October 2021 Subscriber Promotions Subscribers Soon, we’ll welcome Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 and the first implementation of medical gameplay to the ‘verse. Coincidently, October’s Ship of the Month is Drake’s ubiquitous space ambulance, the Cutlass Red. So, give it a spin to get a head start on putting Stanton’s hapless adventurers back together when it all goes wrong.

If helping Humanity isn’t your calling, how about supporting alien businesses? This month, Subscribers can dress themselves in t-shirts of questionable taste from Banu merchants themselves. They might look familiar, but our on-hand legal souli assures us UEE copyright law holds no substance in Banu space.

And, if you can’t bear to hand back the keys to September’s Ship of the Month, the Esperia Talon is available all month with enhanced insurance.

IN-GAME REWARDS (FLAIR) From Big Barry’s to the Tumbril Tonk, these Banu-made garments show your love for some of the most iconic brands of the ‘verse. These shirts are a definite Star Citizen high point, as who doesn’t want to tell the world they got crabs at Pyro…

Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 1 Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 2 Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 3

Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 1 Make all your dream wishes come true with this Banu-made t-shirt pack celebrating Big Barrys Noodles, Normstar footwear, and the concept of Human dreams.

Current Centurion-level Subscribers get this pack of Banu-Made T-Shirts as part of their subscription.

Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 2 This t-shirt pack is ideal for vehicle enthusiasts that want to shout their love for the iconic Tonk and infamous Talen fighter. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy consuming Human food?

Current Imperator-level Subscribers get packs 1 and 2 of Banu-Made T-Shirts as part of their subscription.

Banu-Made T-Shirt Pack 3 For lovers of Earth’s beautiful wildlife, this t-shirt pack features the majestic flat cat, dangerous duck sword, and, of course, the extra-cuddly Pyro crab.

This pack of Banu-Made T-Shirts is available to all Subscribers for purchase from the Subscriber-exclusive store. If you aren’t a Subscriber and would like to receive the Banu-Made T-Shirts as part of a subscription, you can SUBSCRIBE before October 12th. Additionally, if you subscribe after October 12th, you can pick up these and previous months’ flair (going back to 2014) by checking out the Subscriber-exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps in your collection and pick up extras to gift to non-Subscribers. SHIP OF THE MONTH Breaking from the norm as the go-to pirate boarding vessel, the Cutlass Red takes a more altruistic approach. Subscribers can patrol the ‘verse in it until November, patching up damaged pilots along the way. SUBSCRIBER-EXCLUSIVE PLEDGE PROMOTION If you loved your time in September with Esperia’s authentic recreation of a Tevarin warship, the Talon is available now with upgraded in-game insurance until the end of the month. Visit the Pledge Store to pick up (or upgrade to) the Esperia Talon today. SUBSCRIBER MERCHANDISE DISCOUNT Two continuous discount levels are available to all Subscribers in the Merch Store. New items are 10% off while existing items are 15% off, including jackets, hoodies, shirts, mugs, hats, mousepads, posters, stickers, and more. Check out the Merchandise Store now… we got Stormwals! SUBSCRIBER STORE Remember, all previous flair items going back to 2014 are available to purchase in the Subscriber Store. You can fill in any gaps, pick up store-only items, or grab extras to gift to non-Subscribers from the My Hangar section of your RSI profile.

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