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Comm-Link:13927 - Fan Spotlight: Shows and Podcasts 2 - The Revenge

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Fan Spotlight: Shows and Podcasts 2 - The Revenge
ID 13927
Publication 04.06.2014
Channel Citizens
Category Community
Series None
RSI Fan Spotlight: Shows and Podcasts 2 - The Revenge
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Last time we highlighted some of the stellar Shows and Podcasts from the verse but we knew we would have to come back. There are simply far too many for us to highlight all of them in one post. These are a couple more we really love here at CIG and even so we cannot possibly get to all of them.

Put on by the guys at Priority One Productions this weekly show highlights all the news from the verse with an enviable amount of insight. These guys are true pros and every episode offers something new. Here is the link to the Guard Frequency post

Described as the “100% in character Star Citizen Podcast” Colonel Pixley hosts and the dedication to staying within the lore is entertaining. The show delves into the ins and outs of roleplaying and should be enlightening to anyone thinking of trying it out. Here is the link to Comm Chatter’s post

DrHawk has said he has become too busy to keep up with the show but that he is interest will return with Arena Commander, and I don’t know if you knew this but AC is out. Here is the link to Star Citizen FM’s post

The balance between personality and technical discussion in this show is impressive. My favorite part of the show is Life in the Verse but their desire to talk about all topics Star Citizen is why you listen to the show. Here is the link to the Tales of Citizens’ post

As always we are ever appreciative for the hard work, dedication, and love in our community. We still have not highlighted all the amazing fan created content and our continued effort to do so will not waiver. Thank you all. To the Stars.

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