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Calico Helmet Desert

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Calico Helmet Desert
Calico Helmet Desert
Manufacturer Kastak Arms[1]
Type Light Armor
Price 1,201 aUEC
Weight 12,000 μSCU
Damage Reduction 20%
Class Helmet
Set Calico
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -39°C
Temperature Max. 69°C
Physical 20%
Energy 20%
Distortion 20%
Thermal 20%
Biochemical 20%
Stun 30%

Designed to be an EVA-compliant light combat suit, the Calico set is the perfect armor suit for infiltrators, snipers, thieves, basically anyone who likes to avoid kicking in doors. Built out of a combination of PAB3 armor and a custom helmet, it can help you weather some incoming fire without slowing you down.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
SkuttersGrimHEX1,290.00 aUEC3.17
FPS ArmourEverus Harbor1,096.58 aUEC3.17
FPS ArmourCRU-L1 Ambitious Dream Station1,096.58 aUEC3.17


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