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Aves Legs

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Aves Legs
Aves Legs
Manufacturer CC's Conversions[1]
Type Medium Armor
Price Not purchasable
Carrying Capacity 4,500 µSCU0.0045 SCU <br />0.00879 m³ <br />
Weight 136,000 μSCU
Damage Reduction 30%
Class Legs
Set Aves
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -61°C
Temperature Max. 91°C
Physical 30%
Energy 30%
Distortion 30%
Thermal 30%
Biochemical 30%
Stun 45%
MedPen 2x
OxyPen 2x
Utility 2x

Honor and embody the Tevarin aesthetic with the Aves armor. Cutting edge manufacturing techniques were used to place white, red, grey, and black plating perfectly to fit the Human form and evoke the shape language imbued into the Tevarin's iconic ships. This medium armor from CC's Conversions is both sensational and practical, providing solid protection while keeping you light on your feet. When paired with the Aves helmet, the suit combines for a striking and unforgettable look.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
Not purchasable, or only found as loot


  1. Data from the game version 3.17 | GitHub
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