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Vanduul Kingship/en

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Vanduul Kingship
Manufacturer Vanduul
Role Kapitalschiff
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Kingship is a military designation for Vanduul capital ships that serve as the apparent flagships of some especially numerous Vanduul clans. The Kingship is the largest type of Vanduul capital asset encountered and is the most powerful class of known warship. Functionally, a Kingship is a dreadnought, fleet carrier, command and control ship and assault transport combined in a single hull. They are very rarely seen, and have only been observed during large-scale Vanduul raids consisting of multiple allied clans. When present, they operate with a large number of other craft, including ships of the line, support vessels and screens of skirmishers. Xeno-anthropologists believe that the possession of a Kingship is a powerful symbol in Vanduul martial culture, signifying a Clan's power and strength.[1]

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