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Nick Croshaw
Classification Human
Affiliation Earth (Sol III)
Born 2236
Died 2321
Occupation Navjumper
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Nick Croshaw (2236-2321) was an astrophysicist and pilot who achieved fame as the first Human to discover and successfully navigate a jump point on 10 April 2271. He was also the first Human to visit a planetary system beyond Sol, which would eventually be named in his honor (Croshaw). Croshaw spent years studying the Neso Triangle, a sector near Neptune (Sol VIII) where spacecraft would vanish without trace or explanation. His findings led him to believe that a previously undiscovered type of astral anomaly was responsible for the disappearances. By utilizing a personally modified quantum drive, he was able to embark on a solo mission to traverse through the anomaly and "jump" to another solar system. Croshaw's successful navigation of the first Human-discovered jump point ushered in a new age of exploration and colonization for Humans.[1]

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