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Microid Battle Suit Legs

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Microid Battle Suit Legs
Microid Battle Suit Legs
Manufacturer Kastak Arms[1]
Type Light Armor
Price Not purchasable
Carrying Capacity 3.000 µSCU0,003 SCU <br />0,00586 m³ <br />
Weight 72.000 μSCU
Damage Reduction 20%
Class Legs
Set Microid Battle Suit
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -33°C
Temperature Max. 63°C
Physical 20%
Energy 20%
Distortion 20%
Thermal 20%
Biochemical 20%
Stun 30%
MedPen 2x
OxyPen 2x
Utility 2x

Who'd have thought a suit of armor could be affordable and effective? Kastak Arms' Microid Battle Suit is a perfect entry-level armor set. Ceramic plates protect vital areas while a microweave covers the rest, allowing you to stay light, mobile and protected.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
Not purchasable, or only found as loot


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