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MSD-322 Missile Rack

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MSD-322 Missile Rack
MSD-322 Missile Rack
Manufacturer Behring Applied Technology
Type Missile Rack
Size S3
Class Unknown Class
Power Data[1]
Base Consumption 20
Power Consumption 20
Number of Missiles 2
Missile Size S2

Behring's MSD-322 "Marsden" is a complete ordnance storage and deployment system that can be mounted on any compatible size 3 hardpoint for the reliable and effective launch of two S2 missiles.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
Ship WeaponsHUR-L3 Thundering Express Station1,300.00 aUEC3.17
Crusader Weaponry ShowroomOrison1,353.92 aUEC3.17
Ship WeaponsHUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station1,300.00 aUEC3.17
Dumper's DepotGrimHEX1,300.00 aUEC3.17
CenterMassNew Babbage1,353.92 aUEC3.17


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