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Defend Occupants/en

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Defend Occupants
From microTech Protection Services
Availability unspecified
Type General
Class Mercenary
Payment / Reward 15.000 aUEC

microTech Protection Services is looking for a detail-oriented mercenary professional who can quickly and safely assist the security team stationed at Shubin Processing Facility SPMC-1 on Calliope in protecting the site against hostile threats.

Be aware that any friendly fire, accidental or otherwise, will not be tolerated.


  • Provide own transportation to Shubin Processing Facility SPMC-1 on Calliope.
  • Help the local security team protect the site; using force as necessary.
  • Avoid any friendly fire incidents.


  • 2 years of combined mercenary and/or security experience..
  • Access to combat equipment and mode of transport.
  • Available for immediate deployment.


  • Experience with rapid hostility de-escalation techniques.

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