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DR Model-XJ1 Repeater

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DR Model-XJ1 Repeater
DR Model-XJ1 Repeater
Manufacturer Associated Science & Development
Type Distortion Repeater
Size S1
Muzzle Velocity 1,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />
Range 1,540 m
Damage per Second 31
Fire modes[1]
Mode Single
ROF 320 Shot/s
Damage/s 165.33

Power is the life blood of every ship, and the DR Model-XJ1 from ASD is the ideal choice to bleed hostiles dry. This cutting-edge distortion repeater allows you to disrupt power on targets, disabling threats efficiently.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
CenterMassArea181,450.00 aUEC3.17.2
Ship WeaponsHUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station1,450.00 aUEC3.17.2
CenterMassNew Babbage1,450.00 aUEC3.17.2


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