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Beacon Undersuit Green/Black

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Beacon Undersuit Green/Black
Beacon Undersuit Green/Black
Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries[1]
Type Flightsuit
Price 1,000 aUEC
Weight 28,000 μSCU
Damage Reduction 10%
Class Undersuit
Set Beacon
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -30°C
Temperature Max. 60°C
Physical 10%
Energy 10%
Distortion 10%
Thermal 10%
Biochemical 10%
Stun 15%
MedPen 1x
OxyPen 1x
Utility 1x

RSI's Beacon flightsuit is a general use utility designed to provide total protection against environments and vacuum. Built out of a durable but flexible polymers, the Beacon provides a wide freedom of motion for a variety of body types.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
FPS ArmourHUR-L1 Green Glade Station1,000.00 aUEC3.17.2
FPS ArmourPort Tressler1,000.00 aUEC3.17.2
Tammany & SonsLorville1,059.83 aUEC3.17.2
FPS ArmourCRU-L4 Shallow Fields Station1,000.00 aUEC3.17.2


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