Balor HCH Helmet Grey

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Balor HCH Helmet Grey
Balor HCH Helmet Grey
Manufacturer Clark Defense Systems[1]
Type Helmet
Price 3,880 aUEC
Weight 19,000 μSCU19 mSCU <br />0.019 SCU <br />
Damage Reduction 40%
Class Helmet
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -75°C
Temperature Max. 105°C
Physical 40%
Energy 40%
Distortion 40%
Thermal 40%
Biochemical 40%
Stun 60%

Every piece of the Balor was designed by Clark Defense Systems to more evenly distribute damage. This spreads the force of an impact across the heavy helmet, helping it hold up when others would fail.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
FPS ArmourBaijini Point3,880.00 aUEC3.19.0-LIVE.8478820
Tammany & SonsLorville3,880.00 aUEC3.19.0-LIVE.8478820
Garrity DefencePort Olisar3,880.00 aUEC3.19.0-LIVE.8478820


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  1. Data from the game version 3.19.0-LIVE.8478820 | GitHub
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