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Artimex Legs Canuto

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Artimex Legs Canuto
Artimex Legs Canuto
Manufacturer Quirinus Tech[1]
Type Medium Armor
Price Not purchasable
Carrying Capacity 5,500 µSCU0.0055 SCU <br />0.0107 m³ <br />
Weight 136,000 μSCU
Damage Reduction 30%
Class Legs
Set Artimex
Temperature Resistance
Temperature Min. -61°C
Temperature Max. 91°C
Physical 30%
Energy 30%
Distortion 30%
Thermal 30%
Biochemical 30%
Stun 45%
MedPen 2x
OxyPen 2x
Utility 2x

Blending durability and a striking style, the Artimex armor exemplifies the Quirinus aesthetic. This intricately detailed armor considers both form and function, especially when paired with the fully enclosed helmet that features a neon ocular flourish. The armor also comes with a unique cowl that fans over the helmet and a knee length fitted cape.

MerchantLocationPriceGame version
Not purchasable, or only found as loot


  1. Data from the game version 3.17.2 | GitHub
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