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Galactapedia Aopoa.png
Industry Fahrzeughersteller
Headquarters Ka’ua (Hyoton IV)
Products Persönliche Raumschiffe
Militärische Raumschiffe
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House Kr.ē

Khartu-Al (Kal'tuāl)

Aopoa is a Xi'an House and spacecraft manufacturer. They hold a monopoly granted by the Xi'an government to exclusively manufacture light craft, such as the Khartu-al (Kal'tuāl) and the San'tok.yāi. One of a growing number of Xi'an corporations that market their products to Menschen, Aopoa has sponsored multiple marketing events highlighting the exchange between Human and Xi'an cultures. In 2910, they partnered with Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC) to market their products to Humans. Their logo incorporates the crest of the Imperial House Kr.ē.[1]



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